Forecast Festival

1 Dec - 21 Oct 2018
Forecast Platform, Berlin, DE
Berlin, Germany

The Forecast platform will take place in three stages, bringing together young architects chosen from the Future Architecture applications with artists from other disciplines, and “merging” them in a practical process of prototyping. Forecast will invite pioneers from various disciplines to develop forms of realizing their intended project ideas, alongside six inspiring mentors that accompany the process of conceptualizing, further developing and producing a prototypical form. Artists will apply to collaborate with one of the mentors by submitting their own concept, and a selection of five each will be invited to the first development phase during the Forecast Forum at HKW in Berlin, 7–12 May 2018. The mentors will select one of the proposals to bring to fruition over the following six months. Forecast is going to invite five concepts from the Future Architecture procedure corresponding with concepts by the chosen mentees, in order to develop possible synergies between the disciplines in a joint workshop. The final outcome of the process will be presented during the Forecast Festival at HKW, 12–13 October 2018. All steps of the production will be documented, both in text and visual media.