Istria Conference

1 Jun - 3 Jun 2018
Društvo arhitekata Istre (DAI-SAI), Pula, HR
Pula, Croatia

Under the title of Publishing Acts the Association of Istrian Architects (DAI-SAI) started developing an “a-festival” (as in anti-festival, activist-festival, architecture-festival) on the positions of engaged architects and their search for socio-spatial alternatives in Pula, in 2017. Conceived as a heterotopic site, an expanding territory “locally inside and conceptually outside,” the experimental publishing workshop, as part of the a-festival, produced instant, open-end socio-political imaginaries about the city. Publishing was understood as an act of “social choreography,” and its product – the publication Pula Documents – as a “social or institutionalizing object,” whose existence, nature and shape intrinsically relate to the existence of a collaborative and agonistic process of knowledge production. Future projects of Future Architecture platform in collaboration with DAI-SAI will pursue publishing as a tool of observation, research and discussion, produce further publications and explore questions like: How can we draw from publishing’s potential to not only be an iterative but a truly transformative gesture? How can publishing help to produce and spread (counter-)discourse and reclaim physical and abstract space for (counter-)publics who have their expressions or voices suppressed by the existing sociopolitical and economic order? How can knowledge be diffused, communicated and passed on for appropriation, in order to instigate new narratives and forms of agency beyond an institutional, popular or historical canon?