The Committee for the Protection of Yerevan’s Heritage has developed the “Alternative 33” competition.

Based on a draft (widely criticized by the public and professionals) that circulated in 2015, the process of demolishing the historic buildings and urban environment began in June 2020 to make way for the realization of the proposed development project, which is not approved by local authorities yet. The move resulted in a public uproar and followed by a long series of public and in-field discussions. Despite all this, the implementation of the 2015 draft project, which includes the elimination of the historic urban fabric of the district, is still a priority on the government's agenda.

Open Call: Alternative 33

Through an open and competitive process, the competition aims to identify socially, economically, and environmentally viable and sustainable models for the revitalization of the district, which will protect and re-evaluate the historical urban fabric of the district.

Competition is open for all interested individuals and teams from around the world without any restrictions.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 10 September 2020 


For more information check the guidelines and the Alternative 33 website.

The winning project will be announced on September 21, 2020. The online exhibition of the submitted projects will be on view from September 25, 2020.

The open online discussion platform is already available through the following link.

To get more information on the controversies regarding the existing proposal for the 33rd (Firdusi) district, follow the posts on this Facebook page.

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