In 2016 at the Venice Architecture Biennale entitled “Reporting from the Front”, the Polish pavilion hosted one of the most powerful installations of the whole show. “Fair Building”, curated and created by Dominika Janicka, in cooperation with Martyna Janicka and Michał Gdak, examined architecture from the construction workers’ point of view. An extended version of the project was also selected in the FA platform 2017 open call.

Construction work around the world is an extremely hard, dangerous and skilled job. It is still largely dominated by manual labor and the accident rate is high. Construction is, according to Janicka, the front line of architecture, yet construction workers are accorded little respect. Workers on building sites are the front line, the cannon fodder who make the highest sacrifices for the deadlines and profit of others.

Yet where, asks Janicka, is the contribution of these workers in architectural discourse? Why are they so ignored and invisible? For “Fair Building” Janicka and her colleagues created a set of five powerful short documentary films, which she has now made available to the FA platform here. The films give voice to the concerns of the often overlooked creators of our architecture; watch them!

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The focus of Dominika Janicka’s work is the quality of public space in Poland. She studied at the Gdańsk Institute of Technology and the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture La Cambre in Brussels. She has worked with architecture firms based in Poland, Belgium, Germany and China and since 2014 co-runs the Public Space Studio at the Institute of Design Kielce. In 2016 she was curator and co-author of the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, which is where here Fair Building documentation project was first shown.

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