Urban Talk 4 / Children’s Spaces

#Lecture Series
26 Sep 2020
19.00 CET
BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week, Belgrade, RS
Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade, RS

The main focus of the discussion will be to answer how spaces for children should be designed and to emphasize the role of children's participation in the design process. The things children want from an urban environment are fundamentally the same as everyone else: safe and clean streets, access to green space, clean air, things to do, the ability to get around, the freedom to see friends, and somewhere to call home. How children experience cities – and the specific motivations for child-friendly approaches – varies from place to place. Responses to their needs must be tailored to each city’s cultural, political, socioeconomic and environmental context.


Future Architecture Fellows:

Izabela  Rutkowska, Wrocław / PL



KidHUB, Belgrade / RS

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