All the Beauties of the Cities / Genius loci: Use of Language in Architecture

#Lecture Series
18 Jun 2020
19:00 CET
VI PER Gallery, Prague, CZ
VI PER Gallery, Prague, CZ

Genius loci: Use of Language in Architecture

Lecture by Ana Carreño Fernandez-Travanco (online stream) and Petr Gibas, with the panel discussion.

As part of the 2020 Future Architecture Programme: All the Beauties of the Cities, VI PER Gallery has invited Ana Carreño Fernandez-Travanco to hold a lecture as an accompanying programme of the exhibition Karlin Ex/Change. The lecture by Ana Carreño Fernandez-Travanco will be streaming online for a live audience in the gallery.

In the specific context of the post-industrial heritage, we will look at aspects of the use of language in architecture, such as the appropriation of the expression genius loci by real-estate developers.

We will question the definition by Norberg-Schulz and wonder how it impacts on the possible creation of urban narrative or artifice/spectacle, through the left remaining fragments of facades or chimneys.

How are aesthetic and other categories of experience reflected in the language and possibly also purposefully translated into it?

Questions will be asked by the curators of the exhibition Karlin Ex/Change and the audience.