Forum Basel. Urban Spaces for Communal Living

20 May - 18 Jun 2017
Opening: 19 May at 7PM
S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, CH
Steinenberg 7, Basel, Switzerland

From 20 May to 18 June, S AM abolishes its entrance fee and provides a non-commercial space to the people of Basel to work, play, read, eat, rest and more.

In reaction to the increasing commodification of urban space today, the two emerging architecture practices Kosmos Architects (Moscow/Basel) and Plan Común (Santiago de Chile) explore potential collective spaces in Basel. Surveys and projects, developed in collaboration with local architects, are complemented by interviews with actors of the built environment.

The more heterogeneous societies become, the more important it is for cities to provide open spaces where we can experience ourselves as part of a community. In the original sense of the “Museion” of Ancient Greece, S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is transformed into a home for public life. Check out and become a part of the online calendar with your events!

Curators: Andreas Ruby, Stéphanie Savio
Co-Curators: Plan Común, Kosmos Architects

In collaboration with: Caesar Zumthor Architekten, Focketyn Del Rio Studio, Manuel Herz Architects, Rahbaran Hürzeler Architekten, Scheibler & Villard, Vécsey Schmidt Architekten

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