Virtual Display /Art On Display

Two young artists from Prishtina and Prague created two short films which mark the Gulbenkian Museum's 50th anniversary. Totally different in nature, they give a new virtual look to the life of the collector, certain objects in his collection and the homes they have known.

Sum up video from the two films were produced in the context of the project Virtual Display, which should present an additional way of looking at and thinking about display; alternative and complementary readings based on new media technologies. The project celebrates the museum space, providing a complementary reading to amplify the exhibition's historical context as well as its contemporary relevance. Using the future to celebrate the past.

In order to create a new generation reading of museum displays, the two emerging architects had the chance to develop the parallel project Virtual Display encouraged by the theme of the exhibition Art on Display. Formas de expor 1949-69. Those selected have addressed the museum content, with visuals, including digitalised archive material, on-site photography, and reconstructed computer realisations and, working together with exhibition curators and the Museum team, have created a new tool combining historic analogue material with new media.