Future Architecture Summer School

#Summer School
27 Aug - 7 Sep 2018
House of Architecture (HDA), Graz, AT
Graz, Austria

At the Future Architecture Summer School in Graz emerging creatives will share their experience and work with 25 young people who are studying/working in the field of Architecture / Design / Urbanism. The summer school will feature a lecture series, with the results presented in an exhibition in the House of Architecture. Five working groups will be formed, tutored by two emerging architects, to explore ways of intervening in the built environment, and how to deal with public space and the forces that shape it. The Future Architecture Summer School will form part of the Architektursommer 2018 (Summer of Architecture 2018) project-event. Following up on the successful 2015 edition, the idea of the initiative is to invite a large number of institutions and individual initiatives to explore the subject of architecture and to draw up a multifaceted, tightly-packed programme of events from June to September 2018.