9 Jun - 7 Aug 2016
HDA House of Architecture, Graz, AT

9 optimistic positions/practices and a swarm of 291 ideas from the Future Architecture Platform

The FORM FOLLOWS ... exhibition at the House of Architecture - HDA Graz will allow visitors to discover the intellectual and practical universes of nine optimistic, young architectural positions/practices that develop possible answers to relevant societal questions in order to get an insight about what drives them in their designs.
Schwemmland; Guerilla Architects and Plan Comun work on the production and activation of public space. Super Future Group; Jack Self and URBZ are on a search for affordable housing solutions in three different cities. Jerome Becker, Florian Sammer/Bedroom Exodus & Lukas Vejnik; Lavinia Scaletti and Sara Neves & Filipe Estrela use personal experience in space to address questions of changing lifestyles in times of globalised urbanisation.
All these inspiring architects are filled with fresh optimism and the will to give form to their visions, by that they invite us to dream of possible futures. Together with the swarm of 291 ideas from the Future Architecture Platform they will open a space to experience ideas, questions and possible answers within the expanded field of architecture and urbanism in an exhibition curated and designed by Ingrid Sabatier & Stephan Schwarz - ISSSresearch&architecture. (
Optimism is an attitude that allows us to stay capable of giving form to architectural ideas in a globalised world, where crisis has become a permanent socio-economic condition and describing it a major academic occupation. 

Symposium with all participants of the exhibition:
Friday 10th of June, 3pm, HDA

20x20 presentation-sessions with selected Austrian representatives of the Future Architecture Platform: Saturday 23rd of July 2016, HDA

Read the ideas by the selected authors:
Super Future Group, Schwemmland, Guerilla Architects, Jack Self, Jerome Becker, Florian Sammer/Bedroom Exodus & Lukas Vejnik , Lavinia Scaletti, Plan Comun, Sara Neves & Filipe Estrela,  URBZ


Graz Exhibition 2016