Alkistis Thomidou & Gian Maria Socci - 35 Meridians of Radical Rituals

Ongoing research on the inventiveness of everyday life, new hybrid vernaculars and communal space-making in Europe.

45°: a design practice dedicated to the critical making of collective space. 45°N: the watershed between the Mediterranean of our idealism and the North of our pragmatism, an imaginary border for thousands of migrants. 45°C: the highest temperature recorded in several European cities, a reminder that we can no longer postpone a societal shift towards degrowth. 45°: x=y, two terms of equal weight, the parity between chromosomal differences, the interchangeability of alternative identities.

The two-day event at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana represents the central gathering of the Future Architecture platform. The conference with 25 selected Future Architecture 2020 Call for Ideas applicants and invited guests is one of the most insightful annual gatherings around European architecture and showcases ideas and trends for the future development of the profession.