Monique Besten - The Wanderer

an entity travels the world of ideas and takes shape, changes appearance according to the places “it” spends time in.

I am an artist/writer researching notions of home by moving through the world in search of big & small stories, making connections between the past and future, people, different fields of life & media, building virtual bridges in a time where there is a need to develop a collective idea of how we have to shape our future in order to survive. I believe that stories can lead the way. My focus has been on long performative walking projects. I write for The Dark Mountain Project and teach at HKU/NL.

The two-day event at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana represents the central gathering of the Future Architecture platform. The conference with 25 selected Future Architecture 2020 Call for Ideas applicants and invited guests is one of the most insightful annual gatherings around European architecture and showcases ideas and trends for the future development of the profession.