Focus Talks: Marina Otero Verzier

Marina Otero Verzier talking about how she became a Curator and explaining her different approaches in curating exhibitions as part of Focus Talks of the Future Architecture 2020 Creative Exchange that took place 12. - 13. February 2020 @ MAO Slovenia. 

Marina Otero Verzier is an Architect and the Director of research at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. She leads research initiatives such as “Automated Landscapes,” focusing on the emerging architectures of automated labor, “Architecture of Appropriation,” on squatting as spatial practice. Recently, she curated the exhibitions “Spirits in the Material World” by Heman Chong (2019), “Steve Bannon: A Propaganda Retrospective by Jonas Staal” (2018), co-curated “Malware: Symptoms of Viral Infection” (2019), “I See That I See What You Don’t See” at La Triennale Di Milano (2019), and was an member of the Artistic Team for Manifesta 13.