Urban Talk 1 / Minimal Dwelling – Maximal Wellbeing

BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week is organising Urban Talks as part of the 2020 European Architecture Programme. 

Panel participants in Urban Talk 1 discuss the best use of the confined living spaces and how to develop an awareness of living together in an environment where we spend much of our time, which is the apartment, building and neighborhood we live in. 

The talk also answers questions to: Does life in-home quarantine change our attitude toward the way of living? What are the new housing models in the city?  What does the 'Distributed Cooperative' offer? about the concept of a Minimal apartment? What does the maximal standard of the average apartment imply?


Future Architecture Fellows:

Nemanja Zimonjić, TEN architecture studio, Zurich/CH


Vasa Perović, Bevk Perovic Architects, Ljubljana/SI

Andjela Karabašević, AKVS Architecture, Belgrade/RS

The Urban Talk 1 is led by architects: Danica Jovović Prodanović and Ružica Sarić, co-authors of the BINA programme

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