Urban Talk 2 / Garden of Good Hope or Why Do We Stare at Animals

BINA Belgrade International Architecture Week is organising Urban Talks as part of the 2020 European Architecture Programme. 

Urban talks 2 were made in collaboration with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation from Lisbon. The topic of the talk was dedicated to the status of the nature within the urban environment, especially to the status of the urban zoo gardens.

The Lisbon project was to organize a digital exhibition about the topic with the focus on the Lisbon Zoo, its architect, possibilities of presentations or different usage of the existing space. Visit to the Belgrade Zoo Garden was planned as a research trip, to compare situations and discuss solutions and to present it within the exhibition as a case study from the other city. Unfortunately we couldn’t organize this visit and the talk about the present and the future way of display of wild animals, the reasons why we still have zoos and rethinking about architecture’s power of use and representation of nature and how it can produce collective meaning and memory, was organized online.  


Future Architecture Fellows:

Enrico Porfido & Claudia Sani, Pais(vi)agem, Barcelona, ES

Arian Lehner &Theresa Margraf,, Vienna AT

Dalia Dukanac & Hristina Stefanović, Modern in Belgrade, Belgrade, RS


Vuk MarićArhinaut Studio, Belgrade, RS  

Milja Vuković, Wild Belgrade, Belgrade, RS

The Urban Talk 2 is led by architects: Danica Jovović Prodanović and Ružica Sarić, co-authors of the BINA programme and Francisco Cipriano on the side of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation from Lisbon, Portugal.

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