Architecture Film Summer School / White by the Absence

White by the Absence by FA Fellow Miguel Braceli

White neighborhoods (“non-Hispanic white residents”) in the United States are in many cases are defined as “white” by the absence of Hispanic residents, social segregation that is expressed in the urban form, and in the language. This film takes place in Baltimore, a city historically marked by social segregation -- more specifically in Bolton Hill, where after two years I  realize that I live in a neighborhood that I do not belong to, both because of my Latino status and because of my Spanish descent. The video is a first-person narration through a game with the architecture of my white neighborhood. It is a performance that occurs in the context of a pandemic, posing multiple views on the idea of isolation.

ARCHITECTURE FILM SUMMER SCHOOL organized by MAXXI in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival part of Future Architecture, Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

As part of the activities of the Future Architecture European network, MAXXI has asked five young creatives selected through the FA Open Call to produce architectural videos addressing issues
related to the relationship between the pandemic and inhabited space. During an online workshop that lasted the entire month of June, the authors produced works focused on domestic isolation,
the impact of lockdown on emotional and social relationships and the disturbing role played by
public space in the hot months of the pandemic.