Belgrade Outskirts Potential

27 Apr - 25 May 2017
Belgrade International Week of Architecture (BINA), Belgrade, RS
Belgrade, Serbia

The conference within the BINA 2017 will relocate in order to decentralise the event in Serbia and promote the development of underdeveloped municipalities and areas, to one of the peripheral municipalities of Belgrade. During the two-day conference participants/speakers will present possible visions and initiatives for the future development of the chosen case study, the municipality of Grocka. The first day of the conference, entitled PROFILE GROCKA, will be dedicated to presentation of the municipality, its potentials and risks, by representatives of municipal authorities, the academic and scientific community, representatives of BINA and activists from the non-governmental sector. The second day of the conference, entitled INITIATIVES, will be dedicated to participants’ presentations. Emerging professionals will present examples of positive practices or possible visions and initiatives related to the development challenges confronting this particular or similarly mixed environments on the outskirts of a city.