19 Feb - 31 Oct 2017
dpr-barcelona, Barcelona, ES
Barcelona, Spain

Archifutures will be developed as an open repository for all of the contributions and content from the first year, plus new theoretical and practical content taken from the members’ activities and proposals. The project will work as both a bookshelf and an analytical tool for the Future Architecture activities and its impact in the construction of contemporary architectural discourse. The operative dimension of this project takes the form of digital scenarios, where outcomes are a means of communication between institutions, publishers and their audience, providing opportunity for feedback and reconceptualization.

Archifutures will consist of two main bodies:
Open publishing. A digital bookshelf to archive and display contributions to the FA arranged according to a variety of categories. One feature will allow the reader to arrange personal compilations that are accessible, shared and downloadable in digital format, or to print on demand as a single volume. The reader will have an active role in publishing outcomes.

Analytical Tool. This feature will help to easily identify how much and what kind of attention certain content has received. It will work to provide semantic feedback and report qualitative data compiled from multiple sources by volume, source and author.